At Blue Bears Playscheme we plan and organize a variety of activities and workshops all year round for each of our clubs.
General day to day activities include:

  • Outdoor Activities, Football, Scooters, Sports Games Space hoppers, Skipping
  • Arts and Crafts, Painting, Clay modeling, Nail Designing, Jewellery making,Balloon making
  • Cooking  a range of around the world Foods
  • Celebration Party of all Festivals
  • Use of Computers, Tablets, Xbox, Wii – Age appropriate
  • Board Games
  • Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Drama, Disco
  • Trips, Local park, Cinema, Museums ,Bowling
    Plus Much More…
Easter Timetable & Lunch menu
Click Here to view our Easter Timestable.
Click Here to view our Easter Menu Timestable


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