I consent for my child to attend Blue Bears Playscheme.

I agree to abide by the club  policies and procedures.

I understand that there are expectations and obligations relating both to the club, myself and my child.

• I understand that once my child arrives at Blue Bears Playscheme the staff are legally responsible for him/her until collected and signed out by an authorised person.

• My child will be provided with a snack and drink whilst at the club unless  requested otherwise.

I understand that I will still be charged If I fail to notify the club of an upcoming absence on a contracted day, unless other arrangements with the manager have been made.

•The current fee can be found on each club handbook. We do ask for a non-refundable deposit in advance deposit varies on the days your child attends at the club for example if your child attends 3 days your deposit will be £30. This is then used for the last days /week your child attends, once notice has been given to cancel your child place at the club(no Fees Return)  Payment must be paid weekly or fortnightly.

Payments & Method of making payment

•Pay zone, card Machine, PayPal, bank transfer child care vouchers.

•I understand that if my child has a Dr or Hospital appointment on their book days I will need to show proof of this to the manager at the club In advance otherwise. I will be charged for the booked days.

Payments should be paid weekly at the end of each week Or Fortnightly Failure to pay on time will result in a late payment charge of £2.00 per day. Failure to pay within 5 days will result in your child being excluded from Blue Bears until payment is received.

•It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the club manager informed of any alterations to the information regarding my child (contact details, medical conditions,).

•Those families who are on the HAF programme will NOT have to pay for any playscheme sessions at all. You must register and complete a booking form.

•I understand that the HAF programme will run between 9am and 2pm. Any late pickups will encounter a late fee charge.

•Blue Bears Playscheme closing times will vary depending on the chosen playscheme. Please review playscheme timings on the playscheme(s) handbook or on the online by going to “Playschemes”. If due to unforeseen circumstances, I am going to be late, I will contact the manager/deputy 30 minutes prior closing time or as soon as possible.

If I do  not collect my child by the closing time I will pay a charge of £5 every 10 minutes to cover the costs of the staff that are legally required to supervise my child.

• If I do not collect my child by the closing time, and the club has been unable to reach me or any of my emergency contacts, I understand that Blue Bears Playscheme will follow its uncollected children policy: this will involve contacting the Police/Social Services.

• I will notify Blue Bears of any person who has been denied, legal access to the child.

•Whilst Blue Bears Playscheme tries to ensure the safety and security of items, I understand that they cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to my Childs property whilst at the Club.

• I have read the club’s Behaviour Management Policy and agree to its terms and appreciate that in some circumstances it may be necessary to exclude my child from the club, and I will pay for any missed sessions unless otherwise agreed with the manager.

• If there are any accidents or incidents at Blue Bears Playscheme involving my child, I will be informed.

• If my child has an accident at the club, he/she will be treated by a qualified first aider and I will be informed as soon as possible. If my child needs urgent medical treatment and I am unavailable, a member of staff from Blue Bears Playscheme will sign any consent forms necessary for treatment on my behalf, as stated on the club’sMedical Form.

•Information held by Blue Bears Playscheme regarding my child will be treated as confidential. However, in certain circumstances, for example, if there are child protection concerns, I understand that the club has a legal duty to pass certain information on to other agencies, including Police, Social services and health care professionals.

• If your child becomes unwell and we believe it could be Coronavirus you will need to collect your child as soon as possible. Staff will monitor your child, where he/she will be placed in isolation away from other children and staff in the club.

• You will need to follow the Government guideline on positive Covid-19 test results. Please keep the club informed with any updates.

• I understand that aggressive and abusive behaviour towards the staff will not be tolerated.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and I agree to abide by all our policies (These can be found on the website).



*Please note that our weekend opening hours can be affected by scheduled Private Events.


Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 6:30 pm

Weekend: 12:00Pm – 4:00 pm



Kemp House, London