Our Aims


  • To provide a safe inclusive play environment for children between the ages of
  • 4-10  years old
  • Work in conjunction with families and schools to maintain a good working relationship
  • Provide trained staff
  • Child centre
  • Continue to develop children’s learning through a range of play activities
  • Continue to offer a quality service at an affordable price
  • Continue to provide a flexible service all year round
  • To teach children to respect/value each other
  • Work within a framework that ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families
  • Continue to deliver equal opportunities within each centre
  • Encourage children to be creative and enjoy play
  • Encourage children to think outside of the box
  • Working in line with the play principles
  • Provide a safe and secure place
  • Working with EYF to ensure children are developing through play

We offer flexible days allowing parents to select their chosen days on a daily basis. Blue Bears Playscheme are aware that parents working schedule often change. Encourage healthy eating with selected snacks provided by Playscheme.


  • Inclusive Opportunity
  • We aim to inspire our children to be creative in everything we do.
  • Allowing more independence
  • Work as a team/co-operation
  • Be responsible/ when playing with the equipment both inside and outside.
  • Be positive and have confidence in them self /achieve their goals
  • Be safe think about others while playing
  • We believe all children should have the right to play

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